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Welcome to WWSympa, the web-based interface to the mailing list server [email protected].

WWSympa gives you access to the following functions, all of which will help you manage your subscriptions and lists:

  • Login / Logout : login / logout from WWSympa.
  • Preferences : user preferences; available once you have logged in
  • Public lists : directory of publicly available lists at VCN
  • Your subscriptions : A listing of all lists you are subscribed to or have ownership of

How to login and logout

You can logout (deletion of the cookie) at any time using logout function.

Questions about logging in

What if I am not subscribed to any lists?
You are therefore not registered in the Sympa user database and you cannot login. If you subscribe to a list, WWSympa will give you an initial password.

What if I am subscribed to at least one list but I have no password?
You should go to /lists/remindpasswd to receive your initial password.

What if I have forgotten my password?
You should go to /lists/remindpasswd to get WWSympa to remind you of your password by email.

Send an email to the listmaster: [email protected]

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